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6 Free Psychic Apps (That are Actually 100% Free)




For some, consulting with a psychic advisor is a fun, once in a while kind of indulgence. And for others, it’s a part of their weekly or daily routine. Regardless of your preference, it’s always nice to know what free options you have available to you.

There are generally always two types of psychic apps. The one that is free but terrible to use, and the ones that claim to be free but request a credit card number for the good features.

Here’s the deal: if you want to consult with a live advisor, then there’s no good option that’s completely free. (But you probably already knew that). 

In this review, I have listed a combination of 100% free apps and apps that offer free introductory offers, each of which has its own limitations.

In a rush? Here are my top free psychic app picks:

  • 1. Pocket Fortune Teller 5D – Best for free daily readings
  • 2. Fortune Teller – Life Path – Best for unlimited free readings
  • 3. White Magic Fortune Teller – Best for unique free readings
  • 4. Oranum – Best for free live readings with psychics
  • 5. Kasamba – Best for free premium minutes
  • 6. And one other app for you to consider

1. Pocket Fortune Teller 5D – Best for Free Daily Readings


Let’s be honest there are very few high-quality psychic apps that are completely free. However, I can confidently say that Pocket Fortune Teller 5D is one of them.

Not only did I find this app fun to use, but it is also very accurate. When you first download the app, you’re asked to sign in by connecting your Facebook or Google account. This is how the app can tell you are a brand new user.

As a first time user, you get to draw a Card of the Day and you receive 3 free readings. The app offers 3 types of readings, so I recommend using your free ones to try each one.

During a reading, you are presented with facedown cards that you can shuffle by shaking your phone. You then select cards from this pile to reveal your answers.

After using your free 3 readings, you get one free reading every day. If you don’t want to wait a whole day for more insights, you have the option to purchase 5 more readings for just $1.29.

Another plus is that the app never prompts you for credit card details unless you want to pay for extra readings – there are also little to no ads, which I appreciate.

2. Fortune Teller – Life Path – Best for Unlimited Free Readings

Life Path is another great completely free option. The only in-app purchase option is for users to remove ads. What I like most about this app is the large variety of readings it offers. And since it has a daily horoscope feature too, you’ll consistently get use out of this app.

There are a total of 12 reading types to choose from and all you need to do is enter your birth date or name. Since you don’t need to set up a personal account to use the app, it’s fun to use with friends.

There are no limitations on how many readings you can request per day. Since the app is completely free, you will see ads, but overall, this app offers a great user experience.

3. White Magic Fortune Teller – Best for Unique Free Readings

White Magic Fortune Teller is one of the most unique psychic reading apps I’ve come across to date. The whole app is based on a book called The White-Magic Book, written by Mrs. John Le Breton over 100 years ago.

The app is essentially a digitized version of this influential book. Using what the author calls, the Tablet of Jupiter, the app answers 96 questions with over 1,500 possible answers. 

Here’s how it works. Users choose the question they’d like to have answered and fill in the missing information. The app then presents you with Le Breton’s tablet, which is a 4 by 4 screen with 16 symbols.

You close your eyes and tap on a symbol. The app then reveals your answer based on the symbol you tap on. The symbols are scrambled every time, ensuring you always get a unique answer.

Here’s the trick with this app. Initially, you might think that you have to pay to get access to all the questions, but that’s not actually the case. When you’re prompted for payment, simply hit No or the back button on your phone. Tap on the question you wanted again and a video ad will pop up for you to watch.

After the video is finished, you’ll be able to get your answer without having to pay anything.

I will admit, I don’t believe this app is the most accurate out there. But I definitely wouldn’t dismiss it. With so many questions and unique elements, this app scores major points for its creativity and overall fun. You even have the option of creating your own questions and answers to use with your friends.

4. Oranum – Best for Free Live Shows with Psychics

The Oranum app makes this list for a few reasons. The first of which is that you don’t need to create an account to use the app. The Oranum platform requires all psychics to host free, live reading sessions every week. At any given time, you have the ability to hop into a psychic’s live reading stream and watch them in action. You can even ask them a question in the public chat as a guest.

While it is fun to watch and interact with different psychics, keep in mind that they won’t always answer your question. To receive a personalized reading, you will need to enter into a private, paid session. 

Luckily, Oranum offers new users $9.99 worth of free credits just for verifying their payment information. Once you’ve used up your free credits, it’s still possible to find an affordable reader.

Psychic rates range from $0.39 to $9.99 per minute and there are thousands of readers to choose from.

5. Kasamba – Best for Free Premium Minutes

Similar to Oranum, Kasamba is a well known psychic reading platform that can hardly be left off this list. If you’re looking for a quality live reading with a top psychic, you can’t skip over Kasamba.

While it is one of the more expensive psychic reading apps out there, it does offer free minutes to new users.

The app is free to download but you do need to create an account to use the app. There are a number of psychic specializations to choose from. The app also has a horoscope section that is free to use, providing you with daily, weekly, and monthly predictions.

The reason why Kasamba makes this list is because new users can speak to a premium psychic for 3 minutes for free. Using these 3 minutes can help you determine whether a psychic is a good fit before you pay for a reading.

6. Psychic Source – Best for Free Tarot Readings

Just like Oranum and Kasamba, Psychic Source has both an online platform and a mobile app. It’s been around for over 30 years and has plenty of live readers for you to choose from.

Similar to Oranum, this app scores points in my book because you don’t need to sign up for an account to start using the app. One of the completely free features that the app offers is tarot card readings.

In the Free Insights tab, you can shuffle and select 6 tarot cards to get an answer to your question. The app reveals each card and explains its meaning to help you decipher your answer.

For a free feature, these 6 cards give you a pretty thorough reading. They’ll reveal how you feel about yourself now, what you want most at the moment, your fears, what you have going for you, what is going against you, and your overall outcome.

It’s also easy to schedule a live reading through the app. Once you find a psychic who you feel is a good match, you can purchase a 10, 20, or 30-minute credit package.

Now for another freebie. Every new user gets the first 3 minutes of their reading for free. And, if you agree to receive news and promotions via email, you’ll receive an additional $5 bonus.

Bottom Line

The first three apps on this list are all major winners in my book, and I highly recommend them all. They’re truly free and provide a wide variety of readings in a unique way. 

If you prefer a live reading, I would suggest you pay to speak to an experienced psychic on Oranum, Kasamba, or Psychic Source.

Oranum is the most fun for watching psychics live for free, while Kasamba is home to some of the most gifted readers out there, at a price, that is.

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