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Keen Review (2021) — Not Best for First-Time Users




Keen Overview

Keen has been around for over two decades and their network of psychics has guided millions of conversations about life, love, careers, and more. This experience clearly explains their 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Whether you need guidance from the divine or want to communicate with a loved one or pet who has crossed over, there’s a psychic who can assist you. The question that remains is why should you choose Keen over other popular psychic reading services? This is what I aim to uncover in this review.

Types of Readings on Keen

Keen psychics can provide you with a reading over the phone or via online chat – online chat is much more personal and it gives the psychic a chance to get to know and connect with you. These are the readings offered on the Keen site.

General Psychic Readings

If you choose a general psychic reading on Keen, you have the most psychics to choose from. You can filter these psychics according to their reviews, cost per minute, and whether or not they read via chat or phone. 

These general readings are carried out using the psychic’s natural abilities, but depending on the psychic you choose, tools such as tarot and numerology might be incorporated. Every psychic takes a unique approach, which you can find out more about in their profile. Unfortunately, not all psychics have full profiles available. Some profiles just have a short bio, rates, number of readings, years as a Keen advisor, and the psychic’s reviews. If you prefer to know more about certain psychics, you would need to set up a paid reading, which isn’t ideal.

Love & Relationships Reading

If you have questions about your current relationship or love life in general, you have over 75 psychics to choose from. The Keen psychics who focus on this particular topic are generally quite experienced. However, there are a few psychics who have given very few readings on the site, have little to no reviews, but have been part of the Keen community for several years. In these instances, it’s up to you whether or not you want to take a chance and schedule a reading.

Life Questions

Got a big life decision to make? There are over 50 Keen psychics who are ready to assist you. Since you really want to trust that the psychic you choose can provide you with accurate guidance, you’ll be happy to know that most of the psychics in this category have a rating of 4.5/5 or above. 

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings have been around for centuries, but surprisingly, very few of the Keen psychics specialize in this medium. With that being said, many of the psychics under the General Reading category, do use tarot as a medium. I would suggest that you not only search under the Tarot Card Reading category if you’re interested in psychics who use this tool. 

Spiritual Readings

There are very few psychic reading sites that have a Spiritual Reading category. Having this additional category can make things a bit confusing when you’re trying to decide on which reading is best for you. 40 of the Keen psychics specialize in spiritual readings that incorporate guidance from spiritual guides, ancestors, and angels.

I think there is a fine line between general psychic readings and spiritual readings since the vast majority of psychics work with spiritual guides anyway. 

Other Categories

The above categories are the primary readings you will find in the Keen menu, but you can get more specific if you really want to. Financial Outlook, Psychic Mediums, Astrology Readings, Pet Psychics, Angel Readings, and Aura Cleansing are just some of the other categories you can select.

Having this many options can be overwhelming and make it difficult to make any choice at all. Fortunately, you can narrow down your choices using the Keen Psychic Match tool.

By answering a series of questions about how you’re feeling, the guidance you need, and the specific tools and techniques you’re interested in, Keen will provide you with your best matches. You can even choose how blunt and direct you want your psychic to be.

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How to Use Keen

No Keen review would be complete without taking a look at how to use the site.

When you first visit Keen, the navigation is simple and you can immediately start searching for a psychic that meets your needs. You will need to register for a Keen account before you can get started. Fortunately, the sign-up process is very straightforward.

All the site requires is an email address, a password, and to find out how you heard about the site.

Once you complete that information, you can browse through a few psychic recommendations, their latest blogs, and a few how-to guides – this is a really great bonus if this is your first psychic reading.

Your account screen will also show your available balance.

You can top up your Keen account using your credit or debit card, or your PayPal account. You won’t be charged until you select a reader and your call or chat starts. 

To find a reader, click on the Advisors menu at the top of the screen and select one of the categories.

You can now browse through your psychic reader options. Each reader has a rating and you can see how many reviews they have, the number of readings they’ve done, and how long they’ve been a part of the Keen community. You can also see what they charge per minute and the options for connecting with them.

If you click on an advisor’s bio, it takes you to their full profile, complete with up to thousands of user reviews. You can see if your reader uses tools like tarot cards, as well as their unique gifts and reading styles.

Although Keen only offers chat or call readings (there are no video sessions), I really liked the callback option. If the psychic you want to speak with isn’t available, you can set a callback request and the psychic will get back to you:

By clicking on the psychic advisor’s name, you can see their full profile. Most of the psychic profiles on Keen contain detailed information on the reader’s gifts, tools, and how they approach their readings. Other profiles barely have any information at all. 

If the reader you want to speak to isn’t available, you can schedule a call or chat.

As a new Keen customer, the first 3 minutes are free. You can then add extra funds to your account based on how long you want to speak to a psychic advisor and what their rate is.

Once you click on the Chat Now button a chat window will pop up and your reading will begin. Following the chat with your reader, you are asked to rate the advisor by choosing a star rating.

Over and above the time it takes to find a psychic advisor, Keen is easy to use. There is also an app if you need a reading on the go. The app works in a similar way to the website.

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Is Keen Trustworthy?

Keen’s 100% satisfaction guarantee is one of the first things you see on their homepage. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your reading, you can request a credit that you can use for a future reading on the site.

The fact that the site has been around for over two decades also instills a lot of confidence in the psychics they work with and the services they offer.

Keen doesn’t say much about how they choose the psychics for their site, so users need to rely on reviews to decide whether a psychic can be trusted. What’s more, all transactions are anonymous, which means psychics will never have access to your personal information unless you hand it over.

The Keen customer support team is available all week should you have a negative experience or an urgent query.

Top Keen Psychic Advisors

With the Keen psychic network being so large, it’s next to impossible to list all of the top psychic advisors. Here are a few of them.

Mignon Divine Medium

Mignon is an angel communicator who has assisted with over 61,000 readings. She is one of the most gifted psychics on Keen and her cost per minute speaks to that. If you want a reader who can provide you with specific time frames in response to your questions, Mignon is a top pick.

Laura Northwestern Star

Laura has been a psychic advisor for 18 years and to date, she has performed over 31,000 readings. Her specialty is love and relationships, but she can also assist you with questions about your career, family, and channel messages from your spirit guides. Her reasonable cost per minute and excellent reviews make Laura one of the top psychics on Keen.

Visions by Gifted Hannah

Hannah is a Cherokee Advisor who has provided over 5,000 readings on Keen since 2009. Hannah is known for her in-depth knowledge and straightforward approach to readings. She only divulges the information you really need to know. Money, prosperity, relationships, and past lives are just some of her specialties.

Clairvoyant Nicky Power

Nicky has been a psychic advisor on Keen for 19 years and has performed over 52,000 readings related to love, money, career, and more. If you’re looking for accurate guidance on those big life decisions or simply need a positive new direction, Nicky is an excellent pick.

Norah Jones

Norah has been offering readings on Keen for 17 years and has accumulated over 11,000 reviews. This multi-dimensional psychic is known for her accurate predictions and sound guidance using her many gifts. Norah is a good pick if you want someone who is direct but easy to talk to.

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Keen Pricing

Keen psychic advisors charge by the minute but first-time users get the first 3 minutes for free. Prices start at $1.99, but some psychics charge well over $30 per minute, making this one of the more expensive psychic reading services available today. 

With that being said, the wide range of pricing options makes it possible for users with all budgets to schedule a psychic reading.

Unique Features

Tips from Featured Psychics

If you’re new to psychic readings, the Keen site offers some insightful videos that can guide you through the process. Their videos take you through some of the dos and don’ts of psychic readings, how to ask the best questions, and more.


Whether you’re a registered Keen user or not, you can access your daily, monthly, or annual horoscope reading for free.

Keen Articles

The Keen site is packed with helpful articles and information on all things psychic and spiritual. Both new and experienced users will find this content interesting and helpful.

Bottom Line

When compared to other psychic reading services, Keen does offer a wider selection of psychics and specialty readings. However, this vast selection can be overwhelming as a first-time user. In fact, it may even deter some users from trying out the services at all.  

While you do have the option to try a reading for free for the first 3 minutes, it might not be long enough to decide whether your chosen psychic is the right fit. It could take some trial and error and a couple dollars to find the right match. 

The site isn’t difficult to navigate but the psychic search filter options could be improved to make it easier for users to narrow down their choices – the Psychic Match tool does help though.

Overall, Keen does deliver in terms of variety and ease-of-use, but when compared to sites such as Kasamba and PathForward, the per-minute cost for some psychics is exorbitant.

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