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What Are Runes? The Ultimate Guide (Updated for 2021)




You might be wondering exactly what runes have to do with psychic reading, and if you are, then you’re not alone: while most other types of psychic reading are very focused on reading a person, or connecting with the other side, other types of psychic reading like numerology, tarot and, yes, runes – really rely on tools as ways to access the universe’s truths and wisdom.

So then what are runes? How do they offer the universe’s wisdom?

Here’s everything you need to know about runes – where they come from, and how you can use them to learn more about yourself and the universe’s answers for you.

What are Runes? Where do Runes Come From?

Runes are often thought to be the oldest, and probably the first ever psychic tool and protection charms.

There’s even evidence of runes being used during the Roman and Germanic eras, and evidence of a rune alphabet all the way back in 150-800 AD.

The word ‘rune’ comes from several languages, and means a variation of ‘secret’, ‘whisper’, ‘’mystery’ and ‘hidden’ – these are all explanations towards the secret powers within casting runes.

Fast forward to modern times – or at least, slightly more ‘modern’ times! Modern day Celtic runes have been around since the 17th century, and are probably the more familiar type of runes that you’d see today in a rune reading. They’re small stones with the rune alphabet’s letters carved into them, and rune readers use them to both predict the future and answer your life questions.

Rune stones could also be called Celtic runes, magic runes and also Viking runes – they’re all pretty much the same type of runes, with the same runic alphabet – you might have just noticed a slight difference in the shape of the symbols.

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What Are Runes Used For?

To answer this question, you’ll need to have a rune reading! The runes mean different things for each seeker (the person asking the question during the reading), but the oracle (rune reader) you’re speaking with can predict the future, as well as guide you to answers for all of your questions.

Each of the symbols on the runes have different meanings and insights into situations, so depending on the question you as a seeker have, the runes can mean different things.

Most rune readers will use both a mixture of the runes and their own intuition and psychic ability to answer specific questions you might have, giving you a better overview of an answer.

Psychic readers using runes have a long history: in the past, the rune’s symbols were used as amulets, shields, and even to carry secret messages between rune readers and psychics! The power of each rune symbol has been used for hundreds of years, providing protection and healing to its bearers and seekers: if you think of other popular mystical symbols, like the hamsa, the ankh, the eye of horus or tree of life you’ll understand just how powerful rune symbols can be.

How Do You Read Runes?

For that, you’ll have to ask a rune reader! What most people might find frustrating during their first ever rune reading is, much like other psychic tools and readings, rune readings can offer very personal, very deep insights, but possibly not direct answers – they’re not a magic 8 ball, after all!

Because they don’t provide those direct answers you might be seeking, a psychic reader using runes might use their other psychic powers – aura reading, or intuition, to give you a more direct answer and a deeper reading.

Just like with tarot card readings, the images on the tarot and the symbols on the rune have a lot of varied interpretations, based on the way they are presented, the context of the reading and even the position they fall in the reading itself.

So – if you’re looking to become a master of rune reading, then you should know it takes years and years of mastery and skill – you’re better off going to a skilled psychic reader for a rune reading in the meantime (or even to be taught by them!)

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Rune Symbols and Meanings

Just as with tarot readings, there’s a whole variety of reading types and spreads. With rune readings, the most common layouts are the 3, 5 and 9 rune stone spreads.

Of course, you can also draw just one rune for a more direct answer to a specific question – but if you’re looking for a deeper analysis, you’ll need to have a wider layout.

There are 24 runes, each with a related letter of the alphabet, with different meanings depending on the way they are cast.

Each of the runes will correspond to a different body part – physical, emotional or mental, as well as some kind of action or sensation.

The Rune Meanings

  • F – Fehu/Feoh – Wealth: corresponds to the chest and lungs, happiness and fertility
  • U – Uruz/Ur – Ox: corresponds to the muscles and strength, as well as energy and health, sexual desire and sudden life changes.
  • Th – Thurisaz – thorn: relates to the heart, as well as destruction, reactivity and cleansing. This is a very instinctual rune.
  • A – Ansuz, Os – the mouth: relates to the throat and speech, as well as blessings, windows and gaining new insight.
  • R – Raido/Raido – ride: relates to the legs and travel, as well as vacations, journeys and changes in lifestyle.
  • K – Kaunaz/Kenaz – the torch: relates to fevers, cysts and ulcers, as well as creativity, passion, inspiration and artistic vision.
  • G – Gebo/Gifu – gifts: relates to different sorts of ‘gifts’: poison, balances, exchanges and contracts.
  • W/V – Wunjo – joy: relates to breathing and comfort, as well; as rewards and recognition.
  • H – Hagalz – hail: relates to wounds, cuts and severe weather, as well as destruction and completion.
  • N – Nauthiz – need: relates to arms, endurance, delays, innovations, fate and determination.
  • I – Isa – ice: relates to grieving, waiting, psychological blockages and challenges, as well as numbness.
  • J/Y – Jera – year: relates to the bowels, harvests, peace, reward reaping and timing.
  • Ei – Eihwaz/Of – yew: relates to the eyes, childbirth, sexual organs and reliability, protection and motivation.
  • P – Perthro/Peoro – vagina: relates to secrets, destiny, the future, as well as femininity, uncertainty and hidden natures.
  • Z/X – Algiz – elk: relates to the head and brain, as well as anxiety, guarding, shielding and defenses.
  • S – Sowelu/Sowelu – sun: relates to skin and burns, as well as the higher self, wholeness, achievements and honor and victory.
  • T – Tiwaz – Tyr: related hands and arthritis, as well as justice leadership, competition, positive outcomes and legal matters.
  • B – Berkana/Beorc – birch: relates to fertility and birth, as well as new beginnings, growth, regeneration and liberation.
  • E – Ehwaz/Eoh – horse: relates to the back, as well as transportation, progress, teamwork and partnership and marriage.
  • M – Mannaz – man: relates to the feet, sprain, friendship and intelligence, as well as awareness, skill and the sense of self.
  • L – Laguz/Lagu – lake: relates to the kidneys and water, healing, renewal, as well as imagination, dreams and mysteries.
  • I – Inguz/Ingwaz – Ing: relates to the male genitals, family, home, love, the common bond as well as rest and relief.
  • O – Othila/Othala – property: relates to genetics, as well as inheritance and groups, values, aid and ancestry.
  • D – Dagaz – day: relates to mental illness and cognitive function, as well as breakthroughs, planning, security, clarity, release and hope for the future.

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Rune Readings: Speak to a Psychic Reader Today

When it comes to what runes are and what to expect during a rune reading, the best way to find out for yourself is to speak to an experienced psychic reader using runes as psychic tools.

I’ve reviewed over a dozen psychic reading sites, and have delved deep into what I thought about each one in my site reviews. I really recommend you ever checking out a few psychic reading sites to find the best rune reader for you.

While you won’t click with every single rune reader out there, there are enough of them across enough psychic reading sites that you’ll find the right rune reader for you – and with so many generous introductory offers for new signups to each site, you can really afford to hunt around for the best psychic reader for you!

I really think rune reading has to be seen to be believed – after all, rune reading has been predicting the future and providing life answers pretty much since the dawn of time – and don’t you want to experience some answers about other worldly wisdom for yourself?

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