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5 Best Fortune Teller Sites of 2021 (Access Free Minutes)





Fortune telling — one of the oldest professions out there, and for good reason. Even the ancient Greeks would consult the oracles before heading into battle or making important decisions. But don’t worry, you don’t need to travel to Delphi to have your fortune told.

I tested out countless fortune teller websites, and these five are my top picks. Each one brings something different to the table, so read on to discover which one is best for you.

In a Rush? Here are my top fortune teller site picks:

  • 1. Kasamba – Best for wide selection of fortune tellers
  • 2. PathForward -Best for excellent user experience
  • 3.Oranum– Best for free live readings
  • 4. California Psychics – Best for thorough psychic screening process
  • 5. Psychic Source –  Best for introductory offers

1. Kasamba- Best for Wide Selection of Fortune Tellers

When it comes to finding the best fortune telling site, Kasamba should always be at the top of your list. With an established reputation and an online presence of more than 20 years, this site comes highly recommended. More importantly, if you are specifically looking for online fortune tellers, Kasamba has one of the widest selections.

The site features over 190 fortune-telling advisors, each of whom has a detailed bio and countless reviews. 

Keep in mind, expertise comes at a cost. Kasamba readers charge some of the highest rates, ranging from $1.99 to $30 per minute. This is why it is important to always do your research before jumping into a paid session. Research increases the likelihood of connecting with the right person the first time around.

Bottom Line

If you prefer to have a wider selection of fortune tellers to choose from, Kasamba is the site for you. It is also the only site with a dedicated fortune teller category. However, make sure you are willing to pay top dollar for the experts on this site

Try Kasamba

2. PathForward – Best for Excellent User Experience

While PathForward is one of the newer psychic reading sites out there, you can tell they spared no expense when it came to creating a positive user experience. I’ve found PathForward to be one of the easiest sites to understand and navigate. 

While the site doesn’t have a dedicated fortune teller category, it does have one dedicated to clairvoyants. There are about 30 clairvoyants to choose from on PathForward. This may seem like a small number compared to some other sites, but personally, I find that having too many choices becomes overwhelming.

I also like that you can filter psychics according to the tools they use. For example, you may want a fortune teller who uses crystals or tarot cards. Having these filters makes it that much easier to find a psychic advisor who is right for you.

Once you start browsing through the psychic bios, you have the option to listen to a recorded message from each advisor. This is another feature that makes it easy to find the right fortune teller.

Bottom Line

With convenient filtering options and a pleasant user experience, you really can’t go wrong with PathForward.

try PathForward

3. Oranum – Best for Free Live Readings

Oranum is another site worth checking out if you value a wide selection and an established reputation. However, this is not what stands out about this site.

What sets Oranum apart from the rest is their free live reading sessions. Oranum requires every psychic to host free weekly live readings where anyone can join, including people who haven’t created an account yet.

These live readings are an excellent opportunity to see readers in action before you enter a paid session with them. Some readers will even pull cards for guests attending their live readings for free. So, if you are considering one of the Oranum fortune tellers, my advice would be to enter a free live session and send them a message asking if they can perform this service for you.

Unfortunately, Oranum doesn’t have a fortune teller category, but you can filter through their psychics to find someone who matches your requirements.

Oranum’s readers are also reasonably priced, with their rates ranging from $0.39 to $9.99 per minute.

Bottom Line

As one of the only sites that offers users a chance to see a psychic in action before having to pay for a reading, Oranum is definitely worth a try.

Try Oranum

4. California Psychics – Best for Thorough Screening Process

While California Psychics also lacks a fortune teller category, it does have over 400 hundred clairvoyants to choose from. It also has a separate filter for Destiny and Life Path Psychics that produces nearly 300 results. 

Compared to other sites, California Psychics has one of the most intensive psychic vetting processes in place. Applicants must pass a background check, two evaluations, and submit a profile and other materials before they are hired.

If you do try California Psychics, pay attention to their pricing plans as they differ from most others. There are three different introductory offer packages to choose from. Thereafter, reader rates range from $4 to $15 per minute.

Bottom Line

With one of the most rigorous vetting processes out there, California Psychics is a good option for people who are skeptical about the world of online fortune telling.

Try California Psychics

5. Psychic Source – Best for Introductory Offers

Psychic Source has been around for over 30 years. Like many other sites, it lacks a specific fortune teller filter, but it does have a clairvoyant category with over 100 experts.

It also has some features that the others don’t. First and foremost, Psychic Source is one of the few sites that offers face-to-face readings through video calling, in addition to chat and phone call readings. For me, this is a huge plus as I like to connect with readers in person whenever possible.

Another feature I enjoyed on the site was the ability to filter by reading style: compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, and wise. Finding a psychic whose reading style you enjoy is really important as it can make or break your relationship with them.

Most importantly, Psychic Source has one of the most attractive introductory offers. New customers only pay $0.66 per minute when they sign up. Plus, you get the first 3 minutes for free. 

Bottom Line

While Psychic Source may not be the best site if you are searching for fortune tellers specifically, you can take advantage of their low introductory prices.

Try Psychic Source

Tips for Working with a Fortune Teller

These 3 tips will help you get the most out of your experience:

  1. If you haven’t already, take some time to familiarize yourself with the various fortune-telling tools and learn about their unique properties. Knowing whether or not you prefer tarot, crystals, astrology, or none at all, will help narrow your search.
  2. If your reading is positive, find out what steps you should take next. Action is still required on your part to manifest the future you desire. Fortune telling is an imprecise art, and you should always be aware of how your own decisions and behaviors can alter the events to come.
  3. On the other hand, if your reader predicts a negative outcome in your future, know that you can always alter your path in some way. Oftentimes, readers will be able to give you guidance about which key events will play an important role in determining the course of the future. By having this information, you can find ways to create a more positive future for yourself.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a site that has a dedicated fortune teller category, then your only real option is Kasamba. If you find Kasamba to be too pricey, there are alternate sites with sections dedicated to clairvoyants and life path advisors. 

PathForward is my favorite choice in terms of user experience. And if you want the chance to see your psychic in action before entering a paid session, then you should definitely check out Oranum.

Rank Provider Rating Review
1 1 9.8 9.8 Read Review Visit Website
2 2 9.6 9.6 Read Review Visit Website
3 3 9.5 9.5 Read Review Visit Website
4 4 9.2 9.2 Read Review Visit Website
5 5 9.1 9.1 Read Review Visit Website
6 6 8.7 8.7 Read Review Visit Website
7 7 8.4 8.4 Read Review Visit Website

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