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5 Best Free Fortune Tellers | What Will 2021 Bring You?





If I’ve learned anything from the last year, it’s that life is unpredictable. I really don’t like unpredictability, so I looked for free fortune tellers who could help me understand what the future might bring.

When I searched for free fortune tellers, I got lots of links to apps in the Google Play store. I don’t think this is good enough — I wanted to get a personal reading from a real fortune teller, not an automated response from an app!

Ultimately, I discovered that most sites don’t actually offer “fortune telling” as a category, and even fewer provide reliable readings for free. After lots of researching, I finally found 5 sites that offered free readings, gave free minutes to new users, or were cheap enough to be really affordable. Here’s what I found out.

In a rush? Here are my top free fortune tellers

  1. Kasamba – My #1 pick has the biggest range of fortune tellers.
  2. Oranum – Best for really free readings.
  3. Psychic Source – Best introductory offer.
  4. California Psychics – Best for life advice.
  5. PathForward – Best for women.

1. Kasamba – Biggest Range of Fortune Tellers

Most sites don’t include Fortune Telling as a category, so you have to base your choice on the skills and tools different readers use. Kasamba is my number one choice because it’s the only site I found that actually offers Fortune Telling as a unique, separate category. It was really easy to find advisors who would definitely be able to help me.

Kasamba has been around for more than 20 years and has delivered millions of readings, so you know you’ll get a legit reading. Its fortune tellers use a huge variety of divination methods, ranging from Chinese astrology and tarot cards to coffee and crystal readings.

Kasamba doesn’t offer full free readings, but it does give you three free minutes with every new psychic you try. Most fortune tellers use live chat to speak to people and respond to your questions in real time.

Although I couldn’t get a full fortune telling without paying, I like that I could try out different readers to find one who was right for me. On top of that, new Kasamba users get 70% off their first reading. While it wasn’t a totally free reading, it was definitely affordable.

Bottom Line

Kasamba is my favorite site for free fortune telling because you can select Fortune Telling as a category. This made it really easy to find readers who could help me. I also like its free minutes policy, as it gave me enough time to make sure I was happy with the reader before committing to a paid session.

Find a Fortune Teller on Kasamba

2. Oranum – Best for Really Free Readings

Like pretty much all of the psychic reading sites I came across, Oranum doesn’t actually offer a Fortune Telling category. Instead, the topics menu includes lots of different fortune telling gifts and tools. Examples include clairvoyance, tarot cards, different types of astrology, palm readings, and more.

Not being able to browse a Fortune Telling category made it a little harder to find a reader I trusted. However, Oranum made the number two spot on my list of favorites because of its unique video capabilities.

All of Oranum’s psychics give free live sessions every week. You can click on any reader that’s online to watch them without creating an account. You can also use the “Free chat” option to join in and ask questions for free. When I decided to pay for a private reading, Oranum gave me free credits towards my session.

Oranum has been around for more than 20 years. Its platform hosts hundreds of highly-rated readers with excellent reviews, so I felt safe knowing that I would receive a trustworthy reading.

Bottom Line

Although it doesn’t offer a Fortune Telling category, Oranum’s live video platform means it’s a great choice for truly free readings.

Join a Video Session on Oranum

3. Psychic Source – Best Introductory Offer

Like most of the sites on this list, Psychic Source doesn’t have a specific Fortune Tellers category. It does, however, offer advanced filtering options. I could filter readers by specialty (like clairvoyance) or tool (like tarot) to find psychics who’d be able to answer my questions about the future.

Psychic Source doesn’t offer full readings for free, but I like it because its introductory offer is really generous. As well as three free minutes, new users can get incredibly low prices for up to 30 minutes. It’s not the same as a free reading, but it’s much cheaper than sites like Keen where advisors can charge up to $30/minute.

Psychic Source is also the only site I’ve found that lets you turn on your video camera for a face-to-face reading. I thought this was a great added feature as I felt much more connected to my reader.

The site’s Find a Psychic tool also stands out. It asks you about the kind of reading you’re looking for and the types of tools you’re comfortable using, recommending readers who’ll be able to help you. I chose one of its suggested advisors and was really happy with my reading.

Bottom Line

Psychic Source gives you three free minutes and super low introductory rates. It’s not completely free, but it’s definitely a low-cost way to have your fortune told.

Schedule a Video Reading on Psychic Source

4. California Psychics – Best for Life Advice

Instead of Fortune Telling, California Psychics offers Destiny and Life Path readings. These advisors focus less on reading the future and more on helping you discover your path and creating the future you want.

Like all other fortune tellers, Life Path psychics use a variety of tools and have a range of abilities. Each reader’s profile includes a snapshot of their gifts and skills, which made it really easy for me to find the right reader for me.

Like most of the other sites on this list, California Psychics doesn’t actually have free fortune telling. Instead, you can talk or chat with advisors on a special tier system with fixed low prices for new users. Plus, the Karma Rewards system means you can earn points every time you talk to a psychic.

My favorite thing about California Psychics is that it is transparent about how it selects its readers. I felt confident that I received reliable advice from a trustworthy advisor.

Bottom Line

While it’s not exactly fortune telling, I really like California Psychic’s Life Path approach. I also appreciated its low prices for new users.

Try California Psychics

5. PathForward – Best for Women

PathForward doesn’t specifically offer fortune telling. Instead, the whole site is geared towards helping people achieve the best they can in life. The site’s tagline is “Your next steps in sight,” showing a clear commitment to helping people find their futures.

You can filter psychics based on their abilities and tools. I looked for clairvoyants who used tarot cards for my reading, and still had a selection of almost 50 readers to choose from. I like that I could choose from a relatively small range of advisors — I had plenty of choices without feeling overwhelmed.

Similar to Psychic Source and California Psychics above, PathForward has generous introductory offers instead of truly free readings. You also get three free minutes and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I really liked the design and layout of PathForward’s site. It was intuitive and easy to use, and the clear design and filtering options made it really simple for me to find the right reader for me.

Bottom Line

PathForward has decent introductory pricing, a great user interface, and is geared towards helping people plan their futures.

Explore PathForward

Bottom Line

My research showed me that it’s really hard to find free fortune tellers online. While there are plenty of apps that claim to offer free fortune telling, they’re unreliable. The experience definitely isn’t the same as speaking to an actual fortune teller, and it comes with a whole host of serious security concerns.

I think the best way to have your fortune told is to invest a little bit of money and speak to an experienced advisor. I used the free introductory minutes on offer from the sites above to find the right fortune teller for me. I also used the sites’ special new user rates to keep the costs as low as possible. It wasn’t completely free, but I received reliable readings from readers I really trusted at really low prices. The sites’ money-back guarantees made me feel safe when purchasing my readings.

If you’re looking for the best user experience, I definitely recommend Kasamba. It’s the only site I found with a specific category for fortune tellers. This made it really easy for me to eliminate readers I wasn’t interested in and find the right fortune teller for me. Plus, the site gives you three free minutes with every new reader you speak to, so you don’t have to commit to a paid reading before you’re satisfied that they can help you.

If you’re looking for the closest thing to a really free fortune telling, check out Oranum. Each reader offers free live sessions every week, and you can join in and ask questions without even creating an account. It’s not the same as a private, personal reading, but it is free.

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