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5 Ways to Connect With Your Spirit Guides




Everyone has spiritual guides. Even if you’ve never interacted with them, they are always there. When we’re children, it’s easy to connect with our spirit guides because we haven’t yet lost our ability to accept the spirit realm as a real and natural force. But of course, as we grow up, we lose this open-mindedness and stop communicating with them. But, that doesn’t mean they’re gone.

If you are looking to recreate that connection, here are a few methods you can use.

1. Meditation

Meditation isn’t only great for relieving stress and relaxing. It can also help open the door to your spiritual guides. With enough practice, you should be able to connect with your guides no matter where you are.

If you’ve never meditated before it can be a bit challenging in the beginning. Meditating to connect with your spiritual guides is a bit different than meditating to relax. The first step is to actively empty your mind. If you’re like me, this part takes concentration because you’ve always got something rolling around in your brain. To help me empty my mind, I find I have to occupy it with something meaningless, but demands active thinking, like counting. I start from a random 4-digit number and count backward slowly, making sure to “say” every number in my head.

Once you’ve purged your brain of any distracting thoughts, you can let the counting fade away, giving your guides room to communicate with you. You should gradually start to receive guidance in the form of thoughts and emotions. It’s important to resist any negative or stressful thoughts that come into your mind. These are not your spiritual guides. If you find they keep popping up, you may need to go back to counting or focus on your breathing.

Don’t be frustrated if this method doesn’t immediately work for you. Meditation takes patience and practice. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll have an open line of communication with your guides.

2. Free writing

If you’re like me and meditation is challenging for you, free writing is a great alternative. It’s more like a tangible form of meditation. Instead of letting your mind wander untethered, you let your hand wander with a pencil, creating a pathway between your thoughts and the paper. For me, free writing always takes the shape of words and ideas. But for others, it can even mean drawing and sketching. Opening up this channel means you allow yourself to be the medium through which your spirit guides reach you, be it through words or drawings.

If you find yourself sitting in front of a blank piece of paper and no idea how to start, remind yourself that this is not an essay for school. There is no defined structure that your writing has to follow, no mandatory topic it must cover. To help yourself get started, you may find it useful to write a question at the top of your page. If something has been troubling you, put it down in words, as if you’re asking your guides. Then, with an open mind and an open heart, let them provide you with clarity.

3. Connect Through Nature

For some people, the best way to reach their spirit guides is to get out of their home or typical environment. A change of scenery may be exactly what you need to help empty your mind and open the door for your guides to reach you.

If you can drive farther away to a beach, forest, or other natural landscape, then these are great places to head to for a few hours. If you’re unable to travel that far, then a local park will do just fine. The key is to be away from other people. If you’re close enough to hear the conversations of people passing by, or kids yelling on a playground, these noises may distract you and interrupt your connection with a spiritual guide. The point of this exercise is to refresh your sense of sight, smell, hearing, and touch in a natural, peaceful environment, clearing the way for your guide to reach you.

4. Consult With a Psychic

Sometimes it can be really challenging to connect with your spiritual guides on your own, especially if you don’t know what this feels like. Maybe you need a way to get a clearer answer on an important situation in your life. If that’s the case, then you should consider consulting with a psychic.

Consulting with a legitimate, trusted psychic is another way to connect with your spiritual guides. Naturally, you should always do your research before you pay for a session with a psychic. Read client testimonials and check out their profiles to see what kind of tools and topics they specialize in.

Once you’ve found the right psychic for you, it’s good practice to prepare for your session. Write down the questions you want to ask your advisor ahead of time. During your call, your psychic will be able to describe your guide and share their guidance with you.

5. Visit a Place From Your Past

While not all spiritual guides are deceased loved ones, some of them are. Sometimes, guides are linked to a place or object that was significant to them. Visiting their grave, favorite coffee shop, neighborhood, or home can be a very effective way of connecting with them.

By connecting with a physical memento or place, you’re sending a clear message to spirit that you’re seeking guidance. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about ghosts and haunted houses. Movies and TV have sensationalized spirits into a gross misrepresentation of what they really are. In reality, countless spirits live and move among us and are ready to guide you the moment you open yourself up to them.

Bottom Line

The realm of spirits is like gravity— it’s there whether you believe it or not. But unlike gravity, we can’t calculate its speed or force. Instead, we must open ourselves up to it, and allow it to guide us in the direction of its choosing. If you’ve been out of touch with your guides for many years, reestablishing contact can be challenging in the beginning. But fear not, follow these methods with an open heart and mind, and soon you’ll be calling on your spiritual guides before making any major life decision again.

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