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How to See Auras: A Complete Guide to Human Auras (2021 Update)




Auras are colored emanations that surround anything with a life force. They are manifestations of the energy your body and spirit give out – and you can see them.

When I started learning about auras, I found plenty of information about how to read auras and what they were trying to tell me. The problem is that these articles assumed I knew how to see auras in the first place. It was much harder to find information about how to see auras.

After hours of research, I finally learned everything I needed to know about how to see auras. I created this guide to help you see them too. Once you learn how to see the energy around you, you’ll gain a greater understanding of people and their spiritual and emotional health.

What Are Auras?

The most important thing you have to know is that you do not need to be a psychic to see auras. While some psychics specialize in seeing and decoding auras, it’s a skill that anyone can learn, even if you don’t have any other psychic gifts or abilities.

The most basic way to see an aura is by feeling it. Pay attention to how different people make you feel. Some people may make you nervous, while you probably feel relaxed and comfortable around others.

Until now, you’ve probably called this intuition or a gut feeling. Really, those instant feelings you get about the people around you are your innate reactions to different people’s auras.

On a scientific level, auras are electromagnetic vibrations which our bodies emit. Some people believe that the frequency of these vibrations corresponds to how we feel and how we react to other people.

These energetic manifestations are represented by different colors. When you see an aura, you see the energy surrounding another person. This energy can have multiple layers, different colors, and even different shapes.

It’s worth noting that it’s not just people that have auras. Animals and plants are living beings, and are also surrounded by these energy fields. As you become more sensitive to auras, you’ll learn to see these energetic life forces around non-human life, too.

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What Do Auras Look Like?

We’ve already established that auras are visible as colors. But how do they surround the body? What do they actually look like?

There are two main theories which explain what auras look like. One theory says that auras surround the life form, kind of like an exaggerated shadow or outline.

The other theory – which is believed to have been photographed and recorded by a photographer called Walter Kilner, explains that auras surround people as large, egg-shaped halos.

Modern photographers can use proprietary algorithms to capture an aura, analyze its energy field, and assign it a color based on its vibrations. Spiritualists can see these colors without help from technology.

Spiritual advisors and psychics are often experts at seeing and reading auras. It’s widely believed that although anyone can see auras, it takes time, patience, and practice to easily find and decipher them.

Auras are colorful, and one person’s aura may be a single color or contain lots of different hues. It’s also possible for your aura to change color over time, as you evolve and go through different life experiences.

They contain many different layers, each of which can be a different color. The different layers of an aura represent different parts of your health, and can tell you about your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

If you’re happy in life, your aura may seem bright. If you’re stressed, ill, or depressed, your aura may seem dull or even colorless. Understanding why your aura changes (and what those changes represent) can help you feel better.

Some psychic readers are experts in aura reading. If your aura doesn’t look healthy, they may be able to help you discover what’s wrong and how to heal. This is called “cleansing your aura” and will help it change back to healthy, bright colors.

How to See Auras

You may find it easier to begin by trying to sense energy instead of looking for your aura. When you’re in a relaxed and balanced state (for example, after meditation), breathe deeply and focus on the energy inside you.

This energy is what is revealed in your aura. If you pay careful attention to it, you’ll find it easier to see your aura. Learning to sense your own energy will also help you be more in tune with other people’s auras.

The most popular way to start seeing auras is quite easy, but requires patience and practice. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Place your subject against a white or cream wall (if you want to see your own aura, hold your hand out in front of you. To see someone else’s aura, have them sit in front of a wall).
  2. Make sure there is gentle light around them, and that there are no spotlights or shadows. From my experience, the hour or so before sunset will give you perfect natural light conditions.
  3. Sit opposite the person you’re trying to read. The ideal distance is about five feet, but sit however you feel most comfortable.
  4. Take a few deep, grounding breaths and relax. Focus your eyes on a central point on the person whose aura you’re trying to see. I like to focus on their third eye (the center of their forehead, which is closely linked to psychic abilities).
  5. Allow your eyes to lose focus. This will reveal a softened glow around the person – usually around their head and shoulders. This glow is the first layer of their aura!

As you become more experienced at seeing auras, you’ll start seeing different layers and colors. Don’t expect this to happen immediately, though – like any other new skill, it takes time to master seeing auras.

If you want to read your own aura, you can use your hand (as above), or simply sit opposite a mirror in the same gentle light conditions. Make sure the mirror is clean so you’re definitely seeing your aura and not just smudges on the glass!

You can also see auras using your peripheral vision. To do this, you have to learn to process things which appear at the edges of your field of vision without actually focusing on them.

It’s difficult, but once you master it, you’ll be able to see your own aura much more easily. It will also help you pick up the general energy of a room of people faster, as you’ll be able to see multiple auras quickly.

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Final Thoughts

You don’t have to have psychic gifts to see auras. It’s a skill that anyone can learn and master with enough patience and practice. Don’t rush it, though – it takes time to learn.

Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to see the different layers and colors that make up a person’s aura. This will help you read the people around you and understand them on a spiritual and energetic level.

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