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Oranum Review (2021) — Watch Psychics Live




Oranum: Overview

Being able to get to know a psychic on a face-to-face basis is what really stands out about Oranum. But, just how easy is it to find a psychic when you have an overwhelming number of categories and advisors to choose from?

I’ve given the site a try, and this tell-all Oranum review will help you navigate the hundreds of psychics to find one who is perfect for you.

Types of Readings on Oranum

One of my favorite things about Oranum is that whatever type of reading you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a psychic that specializes in it. The website conveniently allows users to filter psychics based on the type of reading they are looking for:

Each psychic is required to host free, live sessions every week, so you can watch them in action, or read more about their capabilities in their bios. 

There are a number of different readings offered on Oranum. In fact, it’s almost a bit overwhelming, so it helps to have an idea of what you’re interested in before you start your search. Here’s how they’ve categorized their readings:

Love and Relationships

This is a popular category on every psychic reading site I have ever tried. On Oranum, you can pick from hundreds of 5 and 4-star psychics who deliver love and relationship readings using different gifts and tools, including tarot and astrology.

Tarot and Cards

This is a tool that almost every psychic uses. Tarot, angel, gipsy, and rune cards are all options. I’ve yet to find another psychic reading site that offers such an interesting selection of card-related readings. Some of which I haven’t heard of before – symbolon cards being one of them.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams are really personal and aren’t something you want to divulge to just anyone. This is where the free live and chat sessions really come in handy. They give you the chance to decide whether you feel a connection with a reader before you schedule a paid session.


This is another category that offers a lot more options than most other psychic reading sites. While you can easily find a psychic who can assist you with a general horoscope reading, there are also advisors who specialize in karmic, vedic, chinese, and indian astrology. There is no shortage of choices here either.

Rituals and Energies

Traditionally, healing readings are performed in person, but Oranum makes it possible to receive healing online. Personally, I believe that these types of readings are far more effective in person. Particularly crystal, chakra, and reiki healings – a psychic needs to tap into your energy and give you access to tools such as crystals to truly experience the benefits.


If you want to speak to a psychic who is clairvoyant and can provide you with predictions without necessarily using tools such as tarot, you really have a wide selection available to you. If you really wanted to get specific and speak to someone who is clairsentient or clairaudient, those filters are available too.

Other Reading Categories

Some of the other psychic reading categories available on Oranum include palm readings, spiritual guides, home and family, numerology, eastern, sound healing and angel communication. This is one site that literally caters to every need. I find it difficult to think of something I could add to this list of readings. 

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How to Use Oranum

It’s very easy to sign up with Oranum and navigate the site after creating an account. Signing up with Oranum is completely free and does not require a credit card. All you need is an email address and your chosen username and password.

New users signing up for the first time can also claim $9.99 worth of free credits just for validating their credit card.

Once you’ve created your free account, you can join a live psychic session simply by clicking on a profile. During the live sessions, only the psychics have their cameras on. All users are able to chat with the psychic using the chat box on screen.

Pro tip: You can attend live sessions and chat with psychics as a guest before even creating an Oranum account.

When you click on a psychic’s profile, it will take you to their full bio, which consists of personal messages, details on their gifts and specialties, images, and reviews. 

Oranum users have the ability to review their psychics. Take a look at whether or not a psychic is willing to display any of their client reviews – this is a good indicator of whether or not they can be trusted. It’s a pity that psychics aren’t forced to display reviews, which is the case on many other reading sites. Transparency is so important when selling services of this nature.

If you’re ready for a private session, you must first purchase credits. The process is really easy too. Simply click on the “get credits” button, choose the package that you want, and enter your card number. (More on pricing below).

After purchasing credits, you will need to make sure your psychic is online before you can start a private show.

During a private show, users can turn on their own cameras, allowing the psychic to see them too. However, the audio only works one way – you will be able to hear your chosen psychic, but you can only communicate using chat. I found this a bit odd and time consuming. Why type out messages when you can both speak to each other?

Oranum does have a mobile app, but I recommend using the desktop version of the site. The mobile app is not as intuitive or user-friendly, and does not allow users to view psychic bios. 

While I was able to join live sessions using the app, the video feed would not format correctly to fit my phone screen. The mobile app may be convenient for browsing psychic profiles, but if you want to enter a paid session, the website is better.

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Is Oranum Trustworthy?

Oranum has been around for over 8 years, and is one of the largest online psychic communities in the world. With hundreds of reviewed psychics to choose from, it’s not difficult to find the right reader for you.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be on the lookout for scams and fake readers. Luckily, Oranum’s site is set up to protect users from fraudulent accounts.

Even though Oranum doesn’t have any information on their site about vetting their psychics, their customer service department confirmed all psychics are tested.

I do prefer it when a site is upfront and publicly confirms they screen their psychics, so it is difficult to know how true this claim is.

Free weekly live sessions are also a requirement for all psychics. That means you’ll never have to go into a private reading blindly. You can chat with the psychic you’re interested in during their live sessions and get to know them better before paying for their private time.

If a psychic is dismissive of your questions or insists that they can only speak to you in private, you can easily switch  to another psychic’s live channel. Since access to the site itself is free, you can spend as much time as you’d like looking for the best psychic for you.

It’s important to make use of these free live sessions because Oranum does not offer a money back guarantee. You can, however, speak to their customer support agents via chat. Agents respond quickly and can help answer any of your questions before you purchase credits or join private readings.

Lastly, Oranum offers users the chance to review their psychics. That means you can check out each psychic’s rating before you pay for their services. And of course, you can also leave a review of your own experiences.

Overall, Oranum is a trustworthy site, as long as you also do your due diligence as a user. My advice is to spend plenty of time searching the site for a suitable psychic, instead of rushing into a private session with the first reader you stumble upon.

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Top Oranum Psychics

In addition to leaving written reviews, users are also able to vote for their favorite psychics. The site’s “Top 100” section is based on votes and features Oranum’s top live psychics. If you’re new to the site, you might want to start out using a top psychic. Here are the top 5 psychic advisors on Oranum:

#1 AlyciaRose

AlyciaRose is Oranum’s top rated psychic and has been on the site for over 8 years. Her clients emphasize her honesty, something that was clear by simply looking at her bio page. Alycia is very willing to pull tarot cards for visitors during her free live sessions, and is straightforward about her rates. Her bio page states that her regular rate is $5.99 a minute, and that she has a sale on Mondays. Reiki healing, dream interpretation, and clairvoyance are some of what AlyciaRose specializes in.


Sensei is the second highest voted psychic on Oranum. He has a 5 star rating based on over 229 reviews. His specialities include clairvoyance and angel readings, and his bio indicates that he receives a variety of questions about life, love, money, and more.


nourevoyance is a mediterranean psychic with a 5 star rating based on over 218 reviews. His bio page features many positive customer testimonials emphasizing the accuracy of his readings. The personal photos he posts also gives new customers some insight into his personality.



tgtarot is a 5 star psychic that specializes in tarot cards and love readings. His page features a lot of free content and videos for users to watch before deciding on whether they’d like to begin a private session. He also offers a lot of freebies, something other psychics don’t.




MysticMilena is a 5 star psychic who communicates with spirits to provide her clients with clear answers about their life and personal situations. Unfortunately, there is limited information available on her page, so you may want to check out a live session first.

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Oranum Pricing

To participate in private readings on Oranum, you have to purchase credits. Those credits are then used to pay the psychics..

When you sign up with Oranum you’ll receive $9.99 worth of free credits just for validating your credit card. Additional credit packages range from about $30 to $100. You also gain free credits when you purchase packages.

Psychics on Oranum have the ability to set their own rates per minute. These rates range from $0.39 – $9.99 per minute. When compared to other sites such as Kasamba, Oranum’s rates are very competitive. Kasamba psychic rates do not have a cap and frequently exceed $9.99 per minute.

Bottom Line

Oranum is a fun site that makes it easy for users to quickly get in touch with psychics from all over the world. With a bit of caution, it can be a great way to gain some clarity on your life by allowing you to participate in private readings with the psychics of your choosing. Be sure to check out a psychic’s free live channel before entering a private session. If you want variety and affordable rates, Oranum is a psychic reading site I would recommend.

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