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Psychic Readings, The “Big Five” and New Orleans with Cari Roy




We had the honour to talk with Cari Roy, a psychic and medium based in New Orleans, an awesome and spiritual city that influence the work of Miss Roy. Without further ado, let’s go to the interview!

How did you discover your gift?

I think it is interesting that I come from a family of psychics, mediums, astrologers, numerologists… My father was an opera singer and still is a painter – very much on the creative side. My mother was a psychic and medium, also a poetess and a pianist. So, quite a well-rounded family. My grandfather, in addition to being a numerologist and an astrologer, was also an engineer and a songwriter. So, go figure how all these things join together.

You mentioned on your website that you left New York for New Orleans, your spiritual home. How does the city influence your work?

I came back to New Orleans after university and spending about a decade in New York. I never felt that I fit there. I have a hard time leaving New Orleans still to this day! I don’t even travel much because everybody seems to come to New Orleans.

We are a very superstitious city: we are very Catholic, we believe in saints, there are altars everywhere for Saint Joseph’s Day. We believe in supernatural beings and that they can influence our presence – be that through Catholicism, Voodoo, Wicca or other.

It has always been part of New Orleans’ culture to consult psychics and mediums, going all the way back to Marie Laveau: she was the most famous Voodoo Queen. She started out as a hairdresser and people would come to her. She would hear all of their troubles and interject answers. This influenced how we do things in New Orleans. I have all sorts of people that come to me for answers that might not do so in another city.

How did you adapt your readings to the current online routine imposed by the pandemic?

I’ve been doing phone readings since the 1980’s. I’ve always done phone business, for instance for people who were visitors and wanted to be able to continue getting readings.

So, it didn’t really change that much. But I was fortunate that I do have face to face clientele. Once the pandemic was lifted, I could start doing face to face readings again. Although socially distanced and wearing masks I am still able to see people in my office.

I am one of those psychics who likes to see people in my office. There are many psychics that only like to do it by phone or the internet. I don’t know if it changes the quality of the reading, but definitely I enjoy seeing people and a lot of people prefer to do a reading in-person.

Are there certain topics that show up more frequently in your readings?

Yes, I call them ‘The Big Five’: Romance, Career, Finances, Health and Family. Nowadays, there are a lot of bigger questions like ‘what is my purpose in life’. It has come to encompass more of a real philosophical kind of questions that people ask themselves to find meaning in their day to day lives.

Do younger people ask about purpose or do older people do so? Is it a generational question?

People go through their mid-life crises and the mind shifts to weightier questions. But I find the younger generations – millennials, gen Z – have a feeling of wanting to contribute and do ask themselves these questions. So, older people ask that at certain point but it seems across the board with the younger ones.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

I am not a judgemental person. I feel everybody is going through whatever they need to grow in this world, and they are doing the best that they can. I think people sense this when they connect with me: that I am not here to do anything except to accept, nurture and guide them in things that will be good for them. I am not here to tell them what to do, I am here to help them find the answers within themselves what to do.                       

If you see something like a person in a toxic relationship or some similarly uncomfortable situation, how do you manage this issue without being judgemental?

It depends on the mental state of the client. One always has to take that into consideration. My reading to be right isn’t necessarily as important every time as it is to somebody to feel heard or validated. There are instances that if somebody is in a really traumatic state of their relationship, I will tell them what I see: I wouldn’t want to be in this relationship. I can’t tell you not to be in that relationship, but I tell the reasons that I wouldn’t be in it.

Would you care to share with us any remarkable psychic reading experience?

I’ve had a couple. One of the saddest readings I recall was a gentleman who let go of everything in his life to pursue being on American Idol. He had left home and it had become such an obsession with him that he basically lost everything. He was living in a basement somewhere. I had to tell him that I did not see that as being a valuable move, as much as I wanted him to win that. I did not want to say that, but I had to.

We all can see ourselves in that to varying degrees and someone has to be the bearer of reality – often, that’s me. There’s a myriad of readings and some of them are the best news ever, like telling somebody they are going to have a baby when they really felt never to be able to conceive.

Finally, do you have a message for our readers in these special times?

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do that – I do. We are strong. We have gone through this over and over again throughout the history of humanity. There have been terrible moments and we have made it.

My message is: wear your mask, socially distance. Do everything you can do to prevent getting this and prevent everybody that you love from getting this. But I do feel that by Spring/Summer it is going to be a different time and things will be getting back to normal. So, patience and vigilance – and hope! 

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